The Heart of Revelation

410injcq9ol-_sy344_bo1204203200_If there is any book that can capture the fascination and imagination of Christians, it is Revelation.  For most of 2000 years, John’s apocalypse has has been a source of so much intrigue and debate.  Much of that debate centers on what all of the strange imagery found in the book means.  Is this history written in advance, a play-by-play of things yet to come?  Is this a series of pictures describing the entirety of the church age, while we wait for the return of Christ?

The hardest question, though, is what this book means to us right now.  For example, if you believe Jesus will rapture his church away and Christians won’t be here to see any of what is recorded, is there actually any value in reading the book today?  And if you believe the millennium is right now, you still might look at the book and wonder what you are supposed to get out it.

Scott Duvall has written a very helpful book, The Heart of Revelation: Understanding the 10 Essential Themes of the Bible’s Final Book.  In this, Duvall avoids getting pulled into these debates and instead looks at Revelation to find the major themes that the book teaches.  These themes are true for the church at all times, regardless of your preferred understanding of the endtimes.  These themes are: God, Worship, The People of God, The Holy Spirit, Our Enemies, The Mission, Jesus Christ, Judgment, The New Creation, and Perseverance.

Duvall spends a chapter on each of these, focusing on how Revelation teaches the topic.  He is thorough without ever feeling wordy.  He is very sharp in staying on his topic, and he brings a pastor’s heart throughout.  There is a constant push for you to love the God of Revelation and to see how the message of this book is not just a curiosity for the end of the world, but rather is full of tremendous truths that are relevant to your life right now.  The book is written at a level that I think anybody can appreciate (I’m giving it to my 13 year old to read next.)

Overall, I am very grateful that Duvall has written The Heart of Revelation and I recommend it highly!



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