Love Casts Out Fear

lovecastsoutfearWhen you pick up a book, you expect the cover to give you some idea of what you are getting. Far too often, I have found that Baker Books is a little deceptive in this matter, and this book is like that. You would think with a subtitle like “A Jihad Survivors Journey from Revenge to Redemption” that we would be looking at a story of somebody who was perhaps embroiled in the Islamic Brotherhood or something, but found Christ. His “jihad” years were from age 6-11. Even the idea of identifying the author as “Brother Nathan” and choosing to rename his hometown to “Anytown” to keep from identifying him seems silly, since the rest of the book includes so many details it would not be hard for somebody – especially somebody with government connections – to work out exactly who the author is.

I find it really hard to grade this book. Brother Nathan has had a faithful Christian walk in difficult circumstances, and God has used him to do much in the name of Christ in Egypt. But if you are picking this book up expecting to read about his dark days in jihad, and then find that his father was a pastor, and after coming to Christ, he becomes a pastor in his father’s footsteps, it’s a bit of a letdown. There is absolutely a place for people publishing quality Christian educational materials in Arabic and serving the church of the middle east. There is a great beauty in reading the love of his mother and the sweet courtship Nathan had with his wife. It’s amazing to see how God takes a nobody in an obscure village of Egypt and raises him up to be a voice to Christendom around the world.

That said, with limited reading time available to me … if I had understood what this book was actually about, I doubt I would have read it. There are stories that are more compelling reading out there. Please do not misunderstand me – what God has done in this brother’s life is glorious. But with only so much time to read so many books, I would not have chosen to read this one, and I would not have finished it except that I promised to produce a review for it.

Baker Books provided a complimentary copy of this book to me in exchange for an honest review.


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