Book Review: Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World Through Everyday People


How refreshing this book was! I have read numerous Christian books—some that convict me, some that teach me, some that anger me, few that inspire and give me hope.  I am so thankful that this book did just that!

There is so much darkness in our fallen world, with persecution, war, trafficking, starvation, and more. We can often forget the hope we have in Christ, that our God is sovereign and that nothing that has happened, is happening, or will happen is outside of His knowledge or control. And we forget that there are many faithful believers in the world who are working for the advancement of His kingdom and the good of His people. This book is a powerful reminder of those truths.

The authors cover divers current topics, from marriage to government to business to race relations to education to art. In each chapter, they introduce the topic, then give 3-5 examples of people working through the Gospel to really change their sphere of influence. The premise of each example is that grass roots efforts, working “from the middle,” is what is most needed and most successful. The work of pastors and churches in Detroit, Michigan, are an inspiration to not give up hope even when a place seems to be done in. The example of Chik Fil A and the Cathy family show us that businessmen and women don’t have to worship money as they grow in success. Schools like Brookstone in Charlotte, NC, and racially reconciliatory books written by former KKK clansmen-turned-pastors show the power of Christ over poverty and racial hatred.

Each chapter ends with a practical to-do list comprised of books to read, movies to watch, suggestions for small groups or participation in local grassroots movements for the inspired reader. I for one am very motivated to learn and participate more in the areas of human trafficking and adoption of orphans. If you are seeking hope and encouragement that God is indeed active in the world, please pick up this book and dig in.

I was given a copy of this book from Baker Publishers for reviewing purposes.


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