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“Uncovering” Faith

FaithSo I was offering our oldest daughter some grapes (a fruit she is not fond of) and as usual, she balked.  I pointed out that she used to refuse to eat bananas too, but now she loves them.  She had an unusual response:

“Daddy, that’s because bananas are uncovering!”

Uncovering?  That’s a new one by me.

“Imagine that I got a present at Christmas, but I didn’t really like it, so Mommy put it in a box, and put a blanket on top of the box.  Now pretend that it’s been a long time since Christmas so I’ve forgotten all about the present.  Then one day, Mommy starts to pull the blanket off the top of the box.  I didn’t like those toys when I got them, but now I see them and get excited, because they are uncovering!”

I knew that was something I was going to have to blog.  Since then, she has frequently returned to this, as she has reflected on the foods that are uncovering, and the foods that most certainly are not uncovering.  She’s a pretty incredible kid for trying exotic things, but do not offer a grape, blueberry, raisin, or anything spicy.